We Are Awesome Folow Us

1. Our Environmental Behavioral workers dress in proper uniform and wear an ID Cards
2. Our Tools, Machines & Equipment are well-maintained
3. We are highly responsible & accountable for the activities, we carry out.
4. We make no compromises when it comes to the completion of the task.
5. Zero dependencies on the customer except for electricity & water.

We, at Tank Kleaners, practice the following Scientific and Modernized 7 Quality Steps to clean & sanitize any kind of Water Storage Tank.

  1. External Washing & Mechanized Dewatering
  2. Sludge Removal – Removal of a viscous mixture of liquid and solid components at the bottom of the tank with the help of a special pump.
  3. Internal Washing – Cleaning of Tank Wall and Ceiling through High-Pressure Rotary Jet Machine
  4. Vacuum Cleaning –air-tight operation and cleaning of the surface
  5. Algae Removal – Removal of thick accumulations on walls through specially designed hand machine.
  6. Anti Bacterial Spray – Total sterilization of ceiling & walls.
  7. UV Treatment – Final step in Sterilization and Disinfection. It is Carried out through UV radiation of the UV lamp. It kills suspended and floating bacteria if any, in the Tank.

Above mentioned steps are applied to all types of water storage tanks i-e underground, overhead, Plastic (Sintex type), cemented, etc.

  1. Tankkleaners is a performance-driven service company committed to serving our customers with innovative high-quality service.
  2.  We always strive to a trusting, mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship.
  3.  Our workers are Well Mannered, Punctual and Committed to their job.
  4.  Our sole focus is on customer satisfaction.