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Rats Pest

Rats have a disastrous result on businesses, those functioning particularly within the food industry. They lead to an outbreak of food borne diseases and can hamper a brand’s reputation, operating charges and revenue. Rats and mice are known to chew on electrical cables causing damage to the machinery which causes production downtime. They are a nuisance in residential settings as well.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the most common and disgusting pest problems faced by numerous households in India. They are a carrier of diseases like E. coli and Salmonella bacteria and continuous exposure triggers asthma and allergies. Homes with children, the elderly or those battling sicknesses are more at risk. Cockroach removal is difficult because it has become highly flexible and developed tolerance to a number of insecticides. Warm & moist temperature setting and the kitchen is a breeding ground for cockroaches.


Flies buzzing around the house or at places may seem ordinary but its time to rethink the thought. These flies frequent trash cans, decaying flesh, rotting food and manure and contaminate food and can pose a threat to your health. In India house flies spread a wide range of infections including salmonella, dysentery, tuberculosis, cholera and parasitic worms. Cluster flies, house flies, etc spread at least 200 identified pathogens and fungi to humans.

Bed Bugs Pest

Adult Bedbugs have flat bodies roughly the size of an apple seed and feed on the blood of animals or humans.Usually found in bedrooms & under mattresses of beds, they hide in cracks and crevices throughout the day and are active during the night.

Termites Pest

Termites are insects that digest the cellulose in wood and feed on your wooden furniture. 220+ species of termites are found in India. In search of food, termites can go from the ground to the highest point in the building. They can significantly destroy your kitchen cabinets, beds, cupboards, and wooden flooring. These cause huge financial losses in many buildings throughout the country.


Birds are good to have around but when birds start roosting in a building or commercial spaces they can become quite a nuisance. They can be a negative reputation for a business due to awful bird droppings. They are known to be hosts for 60+ contaminable diseases.  Birds are a risk to health as they can contaminate food and their slippery droppings can pose a safety risk to employees as well as clients.


Mosquito’s infestation is especially high in humid areas. In India, the most common diseases induced by mosquito diseases are malaria, dengue and Chikungunya as well as encephalitis. Mosquitoes can cause distress and irritation even when they are not infectious